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Friday, September 16, 2011

Essay on Global Warming - Global Warming Fact or Fiction?

Global warming is an ecological issue that has a lot of negative effects on the environment. Scientifically, global warming is defined as an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface air and oceans. This increase in the atmosphere’s temperature harms the environment. Thus, doing an essay on global warming is timely. An essay on global warming could focus on a number of ideas.

People know the term global warming but not everyone understands what really it is. Making an essay on global warming to help them understand global warming would be beneficial. This should entail them to know what causes it, how long has it been happening and why it is happening. If this proves to be long reading for some or if it is too general, one could choose one from those mentioned above and expound on it as an essay on global warming.

Another interesting topic for an essay on global warming would be what the population can do to help diminish its adverse effect. One can do an essay on global warming that enumerates what people can do to save earth against its negative effects. Or, the essay on global warming may discuss about the El Nino an La Nina phenomena. One can also focus on just discussing expounding one or two; an essay on global warming that focus on which the general population can easily do to combat global warming. The fight against diminishing the negative effects of global warming is not a fight of the government or scientist alone; it is a fight of everyone. That is why doing an essay on global warming that makes the ordinary people that they need to do something about it should be stressed out.

Some did not realize right away that global warming is a great concern because of some problems that seem to be immediately demanding. However, the effects that we are experiencing now show how dismissing it had made it worse. An essay on global warming that makes the reader understand as well as make him or her make an action about the issue would be rewarding and is very much needed nowadays.

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