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Friday, September 16, 2011

Essay on El Nino and La Nina - Effects of Global Warming

In general, the El Nino and the La Nina phenomena are terms given to changes in the patterns in the atmosphere and winds that takes place in the Pacific Ocean.  They both regularly occur in the environment as such they are not generally considered as abnormalities in the environment.  What is alarming is that the El Nino and the La Nina effects are now occurring with greater frequency and intensity which affects the rest of the world.

The El Nino Phenomenon refers to an abnormal weather pattern that is caused by the warming of the Pacific Ocean.  It is so-called because the term was coined by Peruvian fishermen who noticed the warming of the currents near the coasts of Peru and Ecuador appearing regularly around Christmas and lasting for a few months thereafter.  As a result, there were lesser fish than usual.  The El Nino Phenomenon now refers to the large-scale warming of surface waters of the Pacific Ocean which takes place regularly every 3-6 years and lasts for 9-12 months.  One of the impact of the El Nino is that causes the collapse of the planktons, the basic source of food for fish, which affects the supply of fish in the Pacific Ocean.

The La Nina Phenomenon, in contrast, refers to the cooling of water in the Pacific Ocean. This causes the air pressure to drop in certain countries followed by a rise in precipitation in levels of these countries.  The net effect is extreme and heavy rains and flooding in different countries.  Just recently, Australia has felt Mother Nature’s fury as more than 50 suburbs and 2,100 roads were flooded.  The massive flooding which lasted for several days in Australia has resulted in the death of 16 people.  In addition, there were reports that almost a hundred people are missing.  The NASA has stated that the particularly strong La Nina is fueling the heavy rains and floods in Australia.

Currently, El Nino and La Nina are the two most powerful phenomena on the surface of the Earth.  It can cause significant effect and alter the climate of half the planet Earth.  For example, the La Nino can cause serious rain and flooding along the Pacific Coast.  It can also cause unusually war weather on different parts of the globe disrupting the food chain of different specie of animals.  It can cause tornadoes and thunderstorms in the different parts of the United States.  The La Nina, on the other hand, can cause unusual amount of snow and rain on the west coast, unusually cold weather in Alaska, and unusually war weather in different parts of the USA

The sudden changes in the weather patterns all over the world such as the El Nino and the La Nina phenomena are all indicators that Global Warming is changing the world.  It is time for the entire country to start acting to reduce the release of harmful chemicals in the air.  The countries should join hands and start imposing stricter measures before it becomes too late.  The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol are only the first steps towards addressing the worsening problem of climate change.  Stricter measures should be implemented.

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